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Virtual Video Running or Walking Analysis

Efficient technique can change your life. The first step is knowing what to change.

What you'll get with your Voice Over Video Analysis:

  • See yourself Run or Walk in Slow Motion!
  • Get recommendations on what you need to change in order to improve efficiency!
  • Get recommendations on how to change your running or walking technique to improve efficiency!



Efficient Technique is extremely important but it is not the only important thing to sustain running or walking over a lifetime. 

Even with Efficient Running or Walking technique, injury can still occur. 

There is no singular running technique that works for everyone.  There is evidence to suggest that certain components of running technique can influence the risk of injury.  The running analysis is meant to help you avoid inefficiencies that likely increase injury risk.

Changing your running or walking toward an efficient technique takes time.  Your body has to adapt to change over time.  Be patient with yourself.  Never push into or through pain.

When changing your running or walking technique, it is normal for things to feel different at first.  You are changing a movement pattern.  Over time, with practice your body should adapt to this change so your new technique feels normal.

In certain individuals, their anatomical structure has changed enough to prevent changing certain components of their running or walking technique.  The overall goal is to progress toward efficient standards but also understand that meeting all the standards may not be possible. 

Release of Liability:

Any participation in walking or running can result in soreness, pain or injury.  Participation in this running or walking analysis can result in soreness, pain or injury.  I hereby release Efficient Movement Strategies, its owner and family, from any claims as a result of participation in this running or walking analysis or as a result of implementing recommendations from this running or walking analysis.