Virtual Posture and Breathing Analysis


Why are Posture and Breathing Important?

Simply put,

Life is easier when you are good at the things you do the most. 

Posture and Breathing are 2 things that you do the most.

How you perform these 2 things has a profound influence on how well you feel and perform.

  • Posture refers to how you position your body parts.  How you posture yourself influences the performance of all your body functions.
    • Your posture dictates you ability to relax and recover.
    • Your posture dictates how well your muscles are able to perform.
    • Your posture dictates how efficient you interact with gravity.
    • Your posture dictates how adaptable and efficient you are with walking and running. 
  • Breathing is a movement pattern that you perform thousands of repetitions each day.

Inefficient Posture or Breathing make everything in life more difficult. 

Life is hard enough, don't let your posture or breathing make it more difficult.

What is the purpose of a Posture and Breathing Analysis?

I have 2 goals when providing an analysis:
  • Provide education about what normal/ efficient posture and breathing are. 
    • We are not commonly taught the characteristics of normal/ efficient posture or breathing. 
    • If you don't know what normal is, how are you supposed to maintain normal? 
    • During the analysis I discuss what normal is and how you compare to normal.
  • Provide recommendations on what to focus on to help you restore/ maintain efficient posture and breathing.

How can you get a Virtual Posture and Breathing Analysis?

  • Take a Short Video
    • Capturing your posture:  With a phone or tablet, take a short video of yourself in a standing position capturing a view from the side and front.
    • Capturing your breathing:  While capturing a video of your posture from the side and front, perform at least one breath cycle that is slightly bigger than your normal resting breathing pattern.
  • Send the Video.
    • Send the video to my email.
  • Get your Voice over Video Analysis.
    • I will email you a link so you can view a voice over Posture and Breathing Analysis.

Ready to be better at the things you do most?


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