New Client: Virtual Running or Walking Video Analysis


Feeling the effects of Inefficient Running or Walking

  • Is your running or walking feeling stiff or heavy
  • Is the recovery time between runs or walks increasing
  • When was the last time you checked your technique


You are capable of changing how you Run or Walk

  • Want to decrease your recovery time, decrease injury risk and turn your run or walk into a smooth revitalizing experience
  • Running and Walking are skills that you can change with focused practice
  • To create positive change, you need to know what is important to change and how to change it


Lets look at your Technique with a Video Analysis

  • Video Analysis shows you what to change and provides feedback on how to change it 
  • Get started today with a video analysis 
  • Start moving yourself toward the positive effects of efficiency 


The process of getting a virtual video analysis is easy. 

  • Take a short video of yourself walking or running with your smart phone or tablet.   
  • Send the video to my email. 
  • I will send you a link to view your voice over video analysis.



Take a Video.

Send a Video.


Get your Video Analysis!